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Driver Coaching and Pass Plus

Standard Lessons:

We structure our lessons for the needs of each pupil, taking you towards and beyond test standard as quickly as your ability allows. We plan our courses to meet each individual pupils needs and learning goals. We have a full syllabus to take you towards your test at your own speed.

At passport2drive we use 'self assessment' so that every pupil can track their own progress!


The average learner does not exist, we all learn at different rates. Latest Driving Standards Agency statistics show that most 17 year olds need 45 hours of traffic experience with their Instructor and 22 hours private practice before reaching test standard. It should be appreciated that this can rise steeply, particularly for the more mature learners.

passport2drive is approved by the DIA, Passplus, DSA

Pass Plus:

Passing your driving test is just the first step in your driving career. Sadly young and inexperienced drivers are involved in relatively more accidents that other driving groups.
To reduce your chances of being one of these statistics, or causing others to be involved, you should organise additional lessons after your test:

1. Take a motorway lesson as soon as you get your licence. At present you cannot drive on a motorway on your provisional licence.

2. If you would like to improve your skills in 'ice and snow' driving then contact so that you do not get caught out when it does snow. We can organise 'skid pan' sessions!

3. The best advice is to take the complete “Pass Plus” course. This involves 6 hours further training in varying conditions and on motorways. PASS PLUS is a training scheme linked to insurance discounts that will benefit you, as a NEWLY QUALIFIED DRIVER, by Saving you money on your car insurance premiums, Showing you a Positive Driving Style which is both enjoyable and safe, Helping you gain quality driving experience safely. You will also experience roads that have been inaccessible as a learner driver.

The PASS PLUS course has been designed in six one hour modules these are:

1) INTRODUCTION We will introduce the course and outline the disciplines and benefits of the course. This will be partly theory followed by a drive.

2) TOWN DRIVING This is a practical session concentrating on observation, anticipation and judgement. We will discuss eye contact and awareness, being cautious, but not unnecessarily hesitant, keeping adequate clearance around the car. We will review multi-lane junctions and unusual roundabouts, over - and underpasses, bus and cycle lanes.

3) ALL WEATHER DRIVING This will be partly a theory session. The aim will be to discuss safe driving in extreme weather and road conditions including, ice, snow, heavy rain, wind. Subjects will include: seeing and being seen, using appropriate lights, safe speed and distances, anticipation, causes and how to correct skids.

4) RURAL AND OUT OF TOWN DRIVING This will be a practical session featuring driving on all types of roads including, country roads, towns, bends, hills and uneven road surfaces, safe overtaking. Observation and making progress safely. We will consider unlit roads, brightly lit roads and the effect of hazards at night. We will cover how to react to animals in the road, slow moving vehicles, farm and tractor entrances, mud on road, sharp bends, use of horn/lights.

5) NIGHT DRIVING This will take place after lighting - up time. It will cover: the correct use of lights, seeing and being seen familiarisation of reflective signs, markings, etc. judging speed and distance of self and others, adjusting to dusk and dawn (theory) being prepared for pedestrians and cyclists.

6) MOTORWAY DRIVING, DUAL CARRIAGEWAY DRIVING This will include Motorway Driving and will build upon what you have learnt during your dual carriageway practice sessions. We will include, joining, and leaving motorways, effective observation and use of mirrors/blind spots. The effects of speed in planning, anticipating and judging safe distances, overtaking and safe speeds in different circumstances, road conditions, weather, fog, road signs, signals and road markings. The PASS PLUS course will be explained in detail on your driving lessons and if interested you will be given a new driver guide which will take you through the course step by step. On completion you can obtain discount insurance. Driving Schools need to be registered to do this training.

If you have already passed your test and want more information or to book a PASS PLUS course contact us on 01277 634168

Intensive Courses:

Please contact us about our intensive courses, designed and planned to meet your needs.

Are you training to become a Driving Instructor?

Please contact We are able to provide intensive courses at a price and at a time to suit your needs.

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