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If you have any additional questions please do call me on 01277 634 168

How long have you been a driving Instructor?

We have lived and worked in the area for many years and our instructor training was completed locally ensuring that we have extensive knowledge of the area and experience of the test locations and traffic conditions. 10 years

What is your pass rate?

*9 out of 10 drivers pass first time* June 2016

Will the instructor be local?

Yes. Some driving schools may refer you to an instructor who lives miles away.

Are all your instructors fully qualified?

Yes, we have a Green Licence, Grade A instructor. Some schools use Trainees, these are Pink licences.

Can I have the same car and instructor for all my lessons?

Yes, same car and instructor every week and for the day of your test.

Are the cars dual controlled?


How old are the cars?

Our cars are changed at regular intervals, usually three years.

Do you have an individual pick up service?

Yes, at home, work, or college. We will never use part of your lesson pick up, or drop off, another pupil unless it is to the advantage of our pupils.

Do the fees include Theory Materials?

We loan books and CD ROM's for a small returnable deposit.

Intensive Courses:

Please contact us about our intensive courses, designed and planned to meet your needs.

Are you training to become a Driving Instructor?

Please contact We are able to provide intensive courses at a price and at a time to suit your needs.

Independent Driving.

From 4 October 2010 your practical driving test included a period of ‘independent driving’.

During your test you’ll have to drive by either following direction signs, a series of directions, or a combination of both, for about ten minutes.

If you're asked to follow a series of verbal directions, you'll be shown a diagram to help you.

From December 2017 your practical test will include a period of 'satnav' driving. We will practice this and guide you in the safest way to use 'satnav'. The examiner will bring their own 'satnav' device to use on the test.

It doesn't matter if you don't remember every direction, or if you go the wrong way - that can happen to the most experienced drivers.

Independent driving is not a test of your orientation and navigation skills. Driving independently means making your own decisions - this includes deciding when it’s safe and appropriate to ask for confirmation about where you’re going


1.The Instructor shall make his/her services available to the Pupil for the sole purpose of giving the Pupil driving tuition ( including theory) at the rate per lesson as agreed from time to time.

2.The Instructor shall be a fully qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructor and will carry motor insurance covering the pupil whilst driving the tuition vehicle when accompanied by the Instructor or by a Driving Standards Agency Examiner.

3.The lesson fee shall be paid at the time of each lesson according to the driving school price list. If an invoice is sent to the pupil it is agreed that this be paid within 30 days.

4.The Pupil agrees that he/she is duly licensed to drive the tuition vehicle.

5.The Pupil shall ensure that spectacles / contact lenses, if required to meet the eyesight criteria, are worn at each and every lesson.

6.The Pupil may change the time of the lesson subject to agreement with the instructor. Once booked a minimum of 48hours cancellation notice is required.

7.The Pupil shall be able to loan training materials from the school. If they are lost or not returned then the school shall invoice the pupil and the pupil shall agree to pay for the lost materials.

8.If, upon arrival for the appointment, the Instructor deems that the Pupil is unfit to undertake the lesson through alcohol or drugs, then the Instructor has the right to cancel the lesson and the Pupil will be liable for payment of the lesson fee.

9.The Instructor shall have the right to substitute another instructor if the Instructor is not available for any reason. In the event that the Instructor is unable to provide a substitute then the Instructor reserves the right to rearrange the lesson at a time convenient to both parties.

10.If the pupil or the instructor fails to give the MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS NOTICE of  cancellation then the lesson fee will become payable or refundable in respect of that lesson.

11.The Driving School has the right to change the tuition vehicle if necessary. As soon as the pupil is ready to ‘pass the test’ the instructor will tell the pupil to book the test. The instructor has a duty of care to the pupil and to the driving test examiner and has the right to withhold the use of the training vehicle for the driving test if the pupil does not plan sufficient lessons after booking their test and is not competent to drive safely and therefore to ‘pass the test’.

12.It is hereby expressly agreed that these terms and conditions are made solely between the Pupil and the Instructor and that no contractual relationship exists between the School and the Pupil. Subsequently, the Pupil acknowledges that the School has no liability to the Pupil in respect of any lose, injury or damage arising from the use of the tuition vehicle or from any acts or omissions of the Instructor or any other substitute instructors.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

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Car Specifications -
Hyundai i20 1.2 SE,
Dual Controls, Power Steering,
Front, Side, Curtain Air Bags, 

Air Conditioned is approved by...passport2drive is approved by the DIA, Passplus, DSA